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Empowering Pakistan with high quality animal feed from Roshan Agri Business

We understand that today’s world is a constantly evolving one and keeping pace with the times is the way to be. This inspired the birth of Roshan Agri that has been consistently growing and developing since its inception. Today with its state of the art production facilities, Roshan Agri produces a wide range of high quality livestock feed to meet modern livestock farming needs. These products comprise broiler poultry feed, layer poultry feed, fish feed, shrimp feed. All these feeds are available in a range from pre starter, grower to finisher. We also produce high quality cattle feed and other kinds of animal feed to cater to a wide range of livestock farming.
Proud of its progressive, technology-driven, and most importantly, service-driven approach, Roshan Agri meets the needs of livestock farmers and aids sustainable growth through profitability for all stakeholders. With the principle of farm level assistance, we work towards achieving newer heights of prosperity with innovative solutions and techniques. 

our products

Roshan Silage

Roshan Silage is our latest offering in the cattle feed category and is manufactured using the latest technology. It is a high protein cattle feed that is ideal for feeding cattle comprising all types of cows. It should be used for feeding dairy cows for maximum milk production in all climatic conditions.

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Roshan Cattle Feed

Roshan Cattle Feed contains no antibiotics. This cattle feed is designed with a special formula and is made from the best quality imported & domestic ingredients. Using the most advanced US technology, this cattle feed is ideal for higher growth. The use of good quality feed improves milk and meat production.

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European Cattle Feed

Roshan’s European Cattle Feed helps maintain cow mineral consumption as the summer heat rises. The mineral’s proprietary blend of nutritional additives promote digestion, gut health and energy utilization to combat environmental stress in the summer so cows can maintain consumption and productivity.

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Aqua Feed

Roshan’s Aqua Feed contains variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including high amounts of vitamin C, to encourage the outstanding health and vibrancy of your tropical fish. Easily digestible flakes reduce uneaten food and fish waste in the tank. Will not cloud aquarium water when used as directed.

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team's corner

Message From the CEO

With 19 years of experience in this industry, I’ve realized that like any other industry, Cattle feed industry has its own challenges. We, at Roshan Agri, feel responsible and committed towards dealing effectively with these challenges and eliminating the hurdles in the path of growth.

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